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About the Product: Geek Racks Heavy Duty Server Cabinet Rack 42U

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Geek Racks Heavy Duty Server Cabinet Rack 42U

All Geek Rack Server Racks Ship Fully Assembled The 42U Server Cabinet Rack is ideal for large IT setups as one of the largest server racks available. The frame and structure are extremely durable, and the design offers convenient accessibility. The size accommodates any IT department's server rack equipment needs.

This 42U rack by Geek Racks comes with 2 FREE fans to reduce the chances of your equipment overheating. Competing brands come with no fans leaving you the necessity to purchase fans costing you $80 to match this Geek Racks offer. With the standard mount of the geek rack you can purchase two additional fans and insert them in the provided mountings. As needed, 1U fan plates with six or nine fans can be added to accommodate more hardware. Also, the front and rear panels have rectangular plates that can be removed to connect a cool air duct directly to the server enclosure system. What are revolutionary about this rack mounted server rack cabinet are the removable plates at the bottom for extreme cooling. If there is a fixed floor vent, remove the large bottom plate and add a fan system to pull the cold air upward through the rack system. This creates drastic cooling for the hottest of climates.

Additionally, this standard server rack shelf is extremely versatile since all four sides can be removed. The front and rear doors are hinged with spring loaded hinges, which require a simple downward pull for removal. Similarly, the sides are attached with spring loaded horizontal clasps. This provides easy access for installing rack servers, which is made even more convenient with the clearly marked unit levels on the front and rear of the server rack shelf. This permits clear and easy alignment of rackmount servers and identification of working rows. Furthermore, the removable sides also allow multiple computer server racks to be connected to create one long wall unit to accommodate a growing company's growing needs. Or, use the castors to make the server rack enclosure a convenient mobile single unit that can be quickly accessed for networking or wiring from any side.

Similarly, these racks are compatible with rack mount chassis from IBM, HP, Dell, AIC, Chenbro, CI Design, Akiwa, and Compucase. Enhance the versatility and functionality of this server rack with dozens of great Geek Racks server rack accessories. For instance, add storage room with the Geek Racks 4U or 2U drawers; expand the workspace with a console drawer with monitor; mount just the monitor with a Geek Racks LCD chassis or define wire organization; clean up the rack mount server cabinet's appearance with blanking panels; cool off the rack mounted servers with additional fans and fan locations.


  • 2 FREE Fans Included
    • $80 Value Vs Competing Brands
  • 4 leveling feet AND 4 Castors included for choice of mobile or stationary rack.
  • 2 security keys
  • Assembly hardware
  • Assembly instructions
  • Outside Width - 24" (600mm)
  • Inside width - 37"
  • Outside Height - 80 1/2" (42U)
  • Inside Height - 77"
  • Inside Depth - 22"
  • Outside Depth - 36" (900mm)
  • Tempered glass door with black body
  • Removable bottom panel to allow cool air duct connection
  • Vented front door borders/rear panel for ventilation and reliable operation
  • Strong structure with maximum static load of 1,764 lbs (800 kg)
  • Lockable cable entrances on the top/bottom panels
  • Advanced door lock for secure housing
  • Efficient cabinet connectors
  • Comes with rolling/locking castors for the option of having the rack mobile AND leveling feet for a stationary, extremely stable set up

Quality Materials:

  • SPCC Cold Rolled Steel - For superior dimensional accuracy and surface finish. 2mm thickness on mounting rails, 1.2mm thickness on other parts.
  • Degreasing, Phosphoric, Powder Coating - Most reliable and durable finish for steel. Phosphoric application enhances the adhesion of the paint to the surface of the steel. Powder coating is the process by which powdered pigment is applied to and cured on a surface. It offers a finish that is durable and uniform.
  • Tempered glass – Used for its strength and safety benefits, it is 3 to 5 times more impact resistant than regular (annealed) glass. Tempered glass also has a higher level of heat resistance mainly due to its manufacturing process. Finally, tempered glass offers a more scratch-resistant product and is less likely to break or crack under pressure.
  • Ventilation Fans – Most brands just include “fan cutouts” and charge extra for fans but Geek Racks includes two pre-installed fans for less ordering hassle and a quicker set up.

This Geek Racks brand server rack is compatiable with the following servers:

  • HP - Integrity rackmount server
  • IBM - System x rack server
  • Sun - x86 servers, SPARC T-Series Servers, SPARC Enterprise M-Series Servers, Netra Carrier-Grade Servers
  • Apple - Xserve 1U Rack-Mount Server
  • Fujitsu - PRIMERGY rack servers
  • Dell - PowerEdge racks server
  • Intel ® - Server Systems
  • And many more rackmount servers!

Manufacturer Info
Geek Racks are built with the IT professional in mind. They are inexpensive in order to offer that balance between low cost and high quality. They are built to the highest standards of server rack enclosure construction, and will last for years, through even the toughest abuse. Geek Racks has a full range of server rack accessories and server rack equipment available to achieve any rack mount server configuration desired. Their tower server racks can be expanded upon or turned mobile in a matter of minutes. Accessibility is a breeze with quick-detach side panels and doors, and a Geek Racks specialty is the cooling system: keep rack mounted servers cool in any climate with multiple fans and cooling vent availability. Don't compromise; let Geek Racks put you in command of your IT hardware.

Racks2You.com is an industry leader in high quality server rack equipment. We offer an extensive variety of products, some of which are exclusives. We also offer customized technical support. Our tech support hours are 9am-9pm EST, but if you are making an installation outside our normal hours, call us and we will alter them and make a technical assistant available to you. How many other companies alter their hours for customers? At Racks2You, the customer really is our top priority. Our products ship out from our Florida warehouse withinin 1-2 businesses days helping you get the server rack equipment you need, when you need it!

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