Heavy Duty Racks

A heavy duty rack is a closed server rack that is built with high quality steel for a longer lasting and more durable unit. Ideal for large IT setups, and mostly created in 42U, the largest U size available on the market today, heavy duty racks are still designed for convenient accessibility. The Geek Racks brand available at Racks2You.com specifically created a heavy duty version of the 42U closed server rack due to popular demand.

One of the most important features of the heavy duty server rack is the static load capacity. With the ability to hold up to 1,764 pounds, this is a true workhorse, enabling the installation of heavier rack mount servers and accessories. Furthermore, the enclosed front with tempered glass door allows for maximum visibility and security. We also suggest making sure the server rack (standard or heavy duty) comes with a door lock for secure housing.

Closed server racks have great versatility; install optional 4U or 2U drawers or expand the workspace with a console drawer with monitor. Heavy Duty racks should also be EIA compliant to make sure each accessory you need is compatible.

Finally, make sure your heavy duty closed server rack comes with proper ventilation with a minimum of two fans. A temperature monitor is also suggested.