Server Rack Security

Server equipment is the central hub of a business's information technology and it is also one of the most costly pieces of equipment in the office. Proper security measures should be implemented to protect this equipment from unauthorized persons, thefts and/or attempted vandalism. Primarily, having a server room dedicated to holding the equipment is optimal. However for most small businesses, this isn't always feasible. Therefore, other security measures should be taken.

To begin, having an enclosed server rack would be the first deterrent. Server racks have the most protection with four solid panels. Another key feature would be a lockable server rack. Both Geek Racks brand and Kendall Howard have enclosed server racks with front and back door locks. Within the server cabinet line, Geek Racks provides a different lock for front door and back door. Basically, there will be different keys for each of these doors, enabling unique access to these areas. The front also has a handle where as the back door locks but doesn't have a handle.

Even small server racks need security. This is why the smaller wall-mount and swing out models from Geek Racks also come with locks on the front and back. However, these models come with keyed alike keys (meaning they are interchangeably used on the front and back).

For added security and accesses, many of the Geek Racks enclosed server rack units have side panels which have the ability to add-on a lock. Finally, an enclosed server rack will help assist with security more than open racks but data security is also important. With this in mind, UPS battery backup systems should also be considered for server equipment.