Server Rack Shelves

Server enclosure shelves offer flexibility when it comes to rack mounting, organization and storage. Shelving offers a sturdy platform for a variety of electronics such as recording devices, routers, modems and even flat panel monitors. Server rack shelves come in a variety of different rack unit sizes and designs.

Each offers something unique for the server enclosure:

Sliding Shelves - When you need quick access to your equipment especially KVM tools, a sliding shelf for server racks makes all the difference.
Adjustable Shelves - Expands and fits in the server rack, usually with versatile depth options.
Component Shelves - Stores server rack accessories and non-rack mountable components, often accompanied by flanges to prevent items from slipping out.
Centerline Shelves - With this shelf style, the placement of the mounting flanges creates integral stability.

Shelves can come in traditional style or vented for extra air flow. Alternatively, blanking panels, frequently sold alongside server enclosure shelving works to maintain the units structural stability. Together server shelves and blanking panels make server enclosure racks useable for a variety of purposes alongside traditional server storage.