Selecting a Work Station

Technology centric office spaces can at times be overwhelming with computer monitors, desktop systems, peripherals, various wiring among other essentials. To keep this type of working environment organized and efficient, offers a wide selection of work stations and server work bench units. With work areas growing with an ever evolving amount of technology it's important to be able to maintain and access systems in a logical way.

Kendall Howard, a driven brand in the server rack marketplace offers a full line of work stations and server work benches>; this line is aptly named the Performance Series. This product line enables users to create a work area that fits within the designated space while having the option to add on additional shelves or accessory bars as needed. Having a module work bench allows small or large businesses to fit their equipment and make adjustments as needed. Many work stations have fully adjustable shelving. This way the addition of new server equipment can easily be accommodated.

Kendall Howard's performance frames are comprised of American-Made tube steel that is also welded and assembled in the US. Additionally, due to the universal holes and knock down design, assembly and disassembly generally takes under one hour.

Finally, with the weight capacity on most units of over 1,000 lbs., your server work bench will hold multiple servers without straining. Your equipment is an essential part of business, with and Kendall Howard we offer customizable options to store and access this equipment.