Server Rack Portability

Portable server racks are a necessity for many IT driven businesses. When it comes to portability, it's often an essential request from business owners. A small server rack such as 8U to 20U sizes can be used for a variety of purposes aside from server storage such as networking and telecommunication products. At we offer the Kendall Howard portable series. The sizes are durable, lightweight and have the added benefit of being stackable. Created with interlocking corner guards and spring loaded handles these portable rack units assist with growing businesses that need flexibility.

Best of all a small server rack such as the 8U portable rack by Kendall Howard can fit under a desk or serve as a desktop rack for rack mounted servers. Small server rack units also hold miscellaneous accessories like DVR surveillance equipment or back up batteries. By adding on castors (sold separately), racks can easily be moved from one side of the office to another without having to touch the internal equipment.

The Kendall Howard SoHo series comes pre-installed with casters and is deemed perfect for setups with only one or two servers. Lift off front and back doors as well as adjustable rails (with universal mounting holes) both combine to provide versatility that many businesses seek.

Small server rack units are fantastic additions because of their versatility but large server rack cabinets can also be made portable as well. Many of the Geek Racks brand server cabinets come with leveling feet and castors which give the option of stationary rack or portable rack. The wheels especially aid in accessing the rear of the unit for quicker adjustments and inspection.

Finally, at we offer small server rack units that will hold your servers and IT equipment. Browse our portable server racks today.