Server Rack Wire Management

Select a server rack, erect, install, ventilate and then you're done? Not yet! There is one more step that is crucial to server rack performance: wire management. IT professionals will confirm that having an organized server rack makes a difference in the accessibility and performance of equipment. By keeping wires untangled and the paths clear it's easier to make quick adjustments when every moment of productivity counts.

In conjunction with proper server rack wire management, a swinging server rack may also assist in better accessibility to equipment. One of the main functions of a wall mount swinging server rack is having the back swing out 90 degrees from the wall. This is significantly helpful for wire management and accessibility. Both Kendall Howard's LINEAR line and Geek Racks brand offer swinging out server racks.

Maximize wall space with easy to install and easy to access swinging server racks. These units are especially helpful when used for network components such as routers, switches and telephone equipment. These applications are frequently dense with wires but wire minders and routing blanks along with the swinging server rack can get the rack management off to a great start!