Selecting a Server Rack

When selecting a server rack, there are several points to consider. Firstly you'll want to analyze your current equipment. What technology will you put within the rack? Many servers require proper ventilation so as not to overheat (which slows output) where as surveillance DVR's doesn't require the same amount of airflow. At many Geek Racks brand servers come with pre-installed fans, meanwhile Kendall Howard requires an additional purchase. Vented front and/or rear doors can also assist with more conducive air flow.

In addition to proper ventilation, space in a server rack is an equally important consideration. The vertical storage systems at Racks2You have a universal system of measurement. This measurement is a "u" or "Rack Unit" which equals 1.75" in height. Using this system set forth by the EIA, you can compare existing equipment and tell how much vertical space you'll need. Keep in mind wire management, battery back-ups and allowance for future growth!

The style of your server rack can also factor into the selection process. They come in: enclosed, extra deep, wall mount, swing out, open frame and more. Each style offers its own benefits and rewards. The most traditional style is the enclosed unit with either vented or tempered glass doors. Meanwhile the extra deep server rack accommodates odd/irregular in shape or size equipment or products that require directly adjacent power strips/wiring. The wall mount server rack may be smaller but it offers all the same features as the enclosed unit while taking up less space. Similarly the swing-out wall mount racks aid in the quicker access to rear cords and cables. Open frame like four post versions, cubby rack, and 2 post rack provide the same vertical space that an enclosed rack has at a more budget friendly price. Due to the open design they also enable air circulation.

As you can see there are a variety of different server rack options. The top key items to consider: ventilation, vertical space for current (and future) equipment, and understanding the variety of options available.