Server Rack Brands

Purchasing the right server rack cabinet for your new or existing equipment may seem daunting due to the variety of brands available on the market today. However, there are a few key facts to understand prior to making your purchase. The first is that there are universal standards for server racks which helps keep sizing uniform across the brands. The second works with the latter fact - because sizing is universal you don't have to purchase the server rack cabinet from the same company where you purchased your server equipment.

Moreover, suggests that IT professionals obtain their server rack cabinets in advance of new server equipment. This allows for ample time to set up the cabinet and decide on the proper location for the system. In the event you are not interested in assembling the rack yourself, Racks2You offers a special service where we'll assemble the rack for you (available on select server rack brands). This helpful service reduces stress and saves time. Additionally, technical representatives are here to assist with your own assembly in the event you need installation support.

It's important to note that name brand racks may have the same sizing but they differ in included features. For example Geek Racks brand server cabinets include fans in the rack units (even the smaller wall mount racks), whereas with several other brands one would have to purchase the fans separately. Additionally, Kendall Howard has vented front and rear doors for extra air flow. Air flow is one of the most important considerations for server rack cabinets, so whichever brand you select, make sure that air flow plays a major role in the unit.

Finally, in a side by side comparison, IT professionals may prefer name brand racks like Geek Racks or Kendall Howard over un-named generic racks because they can be assured of the quality design and materials. The warranty on these server cabinet brands also shows the commitment to quality. prefers the Geek Racks brand and Kendall Howard brand because they offer a minimum one year limited warranty (check individual product descriptions for further info).