Server Rack Materials

Even though many server rack storage products may look the same, it's important to note that they are not all made the same. Some of the bargain brands are manufactured with inferior materials. However, there are a few select brands on the market today that uphold a higher standard because they are manufactured using quality materials.

The server rack storage brands that offers are GeekRacks and Kendall Howard. These two product lines are both made with commercial grade steel. The Geek Racks product line specifically offers SPCC Cold Rolled Steel, which provides superior dimensional accuracy and surface finish. For server rack storage units, cold rolled steel is best because it offers increased strength (by comparison to hot rolled) and allows for a finer detailed finish.

Geek Racks brand cabinet racks have steel thickness built to last, with 2 mm thickness (14 gauge) on mounting rails and 1.2 mm thickness (18 gauge) for the base, top and walls. This steel is then powder coated for a durable and uniform finish. The adhesion process is helped by a Phosphoric application. The commercial steel, Phosphoric process and powder coated layer all combine for a streamlined appearance.

Other features include tempered glass on select models. Known for strength and safety, tempered glass is three to five times more impact resistant than regular (annealed) glass. On select enclosed server rack storage units and wall mount units, the tempered glass material offers a way to view server equipment while keeping the equipment secure.

Server rack storage is an important support to your company's technology. At Racks2You we can assist in helping you select the rack and accessories that suits your needs best. Contact us for personalized assistance.