Sever Rack Accessories

After selecting your server rack, shelving and accessories are the next step. With Racks2You the accessories options are abundant and diverse. From wire management to cooling fans, uninterruptible power supply to casters we've got the parts you need to finish off your server rack system.

To start, wire management tools like brackets, routing blanks, cable minders all work differently, yet are for the single purpose of making sure the wires you use for server equipment (and other hardware) don't get tangled. Without proper wire management the integrity of your entire system is at stake. Wires can weigh each other down, potentially causing important wires to slip out or worse cause a down server.

The configuration of cables and wires, whether starting off from the beginning or retroactively participating in their organization can make a significant difference in the overall performance of your server.

Cooling fans also actively help the server perform up to optimal standards. With cooling fans from the Kendall Howard or Geek Racks brand, it’s been proven that that a regulated server is a more productive one. Aim for rack fans with high CFM (airflow) but low DBA (noise). Our rack mount cooling solutions are a perfect fit for any standard server rack.

Another accessory to add to your rack system would be an uninterruptible power supply. Abbreviated UPS, these systems work to protect your valuable equipment from surges. The Geek Racks uninterruptible power supplies offer fully digitized microprocessor control and are designed to work with both rack mount and tower style servers. Add on the battery pack for extended down time.

There are plenty more server rack accessories to select form and each works to support the server or server rack in its own way. The final addition to consider: casters for server rack portability. Don't wait until your moving your server equipment to consider the portable nature of this equipment. The server rack equipment listed here and more are available at