Server Rack Parts

Server racks are storage tools used in the IT phase of many online and network driven businesses. In their largest form they are cabinet racks with four panels; these panels may be vented for extra air flow. Geek Racks brand offers secure server racks because they are complete with tempered glass doors and are lockable. Wall mount server racks offer many of the same features but in a smaller, more compact design.

Other parts to a Geek Racks server rack include: spring loaded horizontal clasps (which help installing rack servers) as well as the clearly marked unit levels on the front and rear of the server rack shelf for easy rack server mounting. Geek Racks server racks come with fans pre-installed and many other brands reserve a spot on the top of the unit specifically for fan placement. The unit itself may be supported by leveling feet or placed atop castors for easy transportation and more fluid access.

Meanwhile, the Kendall Howard LINEAR series offers entry-level server racks with customizable features. Top and bottom removable cable slots, vented rear and front doors along with removable/lockable side panels make LINEAR an effective solution to fit your server storage needs. Server racks can also be disassembled and reassembled for moving purposes. Because of the universal design, many accessories can be installed in the storage unit even if the brands differ.

The different parts of a server rack all work hand in hand to securely hold the equipment that is integral to your company's technology needs.