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32U Enclosed Server Cabinet Rack by Geek Racks

All Geek Rack Server Racks Ship Fully Assembled

Geek Racks Server Cabinets are built with the IT professional in mind and the 32U server rack is no exception. The frame and structure are extremely durable, and the design offers convenient accessibility. The size accommodates any IT department's server rack equipment needs. The front and rear door panel are a steel mesh design that allows a better air flow. Also, the rear door has rectangular plates that can be removed to connect a cool air duct directly to the server enclosure system.

What is truly revolutionary about this server rack cabinet is the removable plates at the bottom for extreme cooling. If there is a fixed floor vent, remove the large bottom plate and add a fan system to pull the cold air upward through the rack system. This creates drastic cooling for the hottest of conditions.

Additionally, this standard server rack shelf is extremely versatile since all four sides can be removed. The front and rear doors are hinged with spring loaded hinges, which require a simple downward pull for removal. Similarly, the sides are attached with spring loaded horizontal clasps. This provides easy access for installing rack servers, which is made even more convenient with the clearly marked unit levels on the front and rear of the server rack shelf. This permits clear and easy alignment of rack-mount servers and identification of working rows.

Furthermore, the removable sides also allow multiple computer server racks to be connected to create one long wall unit to accommodate a company's growing needs. Or, use the castors to make the server rack enclosure a convenient mobile single unit that can be quickly accessed for networking or wiring from any side.

    Outside Dimensions
  • 23.5" W x 39.5" D x 60.5" H

  • Inside Dimensions
  • 19" W x 28.5" D x 56" H

  • Maximum Accessibility
    Maximum Protection
  • Keyed lock on front and rear doors will keep your equipment safe and secure.

  • Maximum Ventilation
  • Uniquely designed with vents on every side to keep your equipment cool in the harshest of condition.

  • Maximum Adjustments
  • Numbered brackets makes it easy to add/ remove shelves and adjust to the size of your equipment.

QB ID: DZ.61032